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 Strong Community


Parent feedback reinforces that this is a happy school. Our students have a strong sense of responsibility both to the school and to the wider community, understanding cultural differences and celebrating diversity to build a school that is truly inclusive.

High Achievers


We are enthusiastic about our students and possess high expectations of them. Our teachers are highly trained and along with the textual reference, they use real life examples from home and abroad to bring lessons to life, encouraging our students to use a wide variety of investigation tools to uncover facts and form opinions.

Extra Curricular Activities


We can proclaim with great pleasure that our students have access to a wide range of activities that include sports, culture, arts and academic interests.

Watch Our Video


Watch our videos to find out what our parents and teachers have to say about Southeast Bank Green School.

Parent Engagement


We offer a warm and nurturing environment where parents, students and teachers work as a team. Parents are welcome to visit or assist us whenever they feel free in addition to the teachers-parents monthly and quarterly meeting and further contribute by helping to add to our range of innovative extra-curricular activities.

Modern Facilities


Our facilities are spread over 2 well decorated adjoining buildings and are designed to ensure that our students have the best environment to support their learning and development.