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  Southeast Bank Green School


The Southeast Bank Green School is a educational institution established in 2013. The school aims to provide international standard education with all the modern facilities following the widely recognized Edexcel British Curriculum. Considering the predominating demand for quality education at the grooming stage of life, the Southeast Bank Green Foundation has established an English medium school named Southeast Bank Green School at Mohammadpur, one of the densely populated areas of Dhaka Metropolitan City. It comprises two adjacent buildings centrally located in the midst of a number of Housing Societies.

The school offers classes for children aged 3 through kindergarten all the way up to 10th grade (O’level) and follows edexcel British Curriculum. The school is equipped with all modern amenities and facilities. Currently, 36 teachers are putting their relentless effort to teach the students. As part of the extracurricular activities, the teachers and the students celebrate all national-cultural events along with annual activities of an institution. By now, the school has succeeded in drawing keen interest among the dwellers of the area. We are very much optimistic that in no time, it will emerge as one of the leading schools in Dhaka city. Based on the experience of this school, the Foundation is contemplating to expand its branches in some other locations of the Dhaka city.

The admission procedure starts as follows:

  • Pre-play: Starts in July for the next academic session
  • Playgroup: Starts in July for the next academic session
  • Nursery – Class X: Starts in July for the next academic session

We take students into Pre-play at age 3, so parents are advised to apply when the child is 3 years old

We accept students round the year (under special consideration subject to the availability of seats)

We require several documents to be attached to the Admission Form, and a checklist is provided on the form itself. Please note that the following vaccination and immunization records should be provided with the Admission Form:

      1. Polio
      2. Diphtheria/ Pertussis/ Tetanus (DPT)
      3. Mumps / Measles / Rubella (MMR)
      4. Chicken Pox
      5. Haemophilus Influenza Type B (Hib)
      6. Hepatitis A and B

These documents help us to process the application efficiently. We request parents to fill up the form and attach all documents carefully to ensure all the data provided is correct, true and accurate. Please check the forms and documents very carefully to ensure there is not even a single mistake. If mistakes or discrepancies in the admission form are found later, this can lead to all kinds of problems after the child has been admitted.

The admission process in this school is very transparent. No external agents/agencies are appointed or involved in the admissions process, the admission office is the only point of contact for all admissions related applications and inquiries.

If parents want to visit the school they can contact the Admin Office so that a visit can be arranged. Our campus visits will entail a walk-through the campus and a brief meeting with the Principal of the campus.

Following extra-curricular activities are organized throughout the year:

  • Annual Sports
  • Annual Picnic
  • Field Trip
  • Science Fair
  • National Mourning Day
  • Celebration of Bangla New Year ‘Pahela Baishakh’
  • Observation of International Mother Language Day
  • Story Telling Competition
  • Math Visit (Mathematics competition)
  • National Children’s Day and Birthday of the Father of the Nation
  • Celebration of  ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Victory Day’
  • Class Party
  • Art Competition
  • The Foundation Day of The School