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• Announcement
Under this corona epidemic situation, SEBGS is conducting all its academic and extra curricular activities through online from the beginning of this session (2021- 2022).
But while doing so, we have found some of our students are suffering from health hazards and unmindfulness due to using electronic devices for a long time. That is truly alarming. So, considering all these vital issues we have decided to curtail our class duration from 40 minutes to 30 minutes. Hope this timing will be friendly enough for making our students to be more attentive.
Moreover, we believe that extra curricular activities always play an important role for a child to make him/her more creative, confident, smart and presentable. Hereby, to increase the importance of these ECA activities and the participation of the students, school authority has decided to bring all the extra curricular activities (music, games, ECA, art and craft) under assessment. Hence, students will be given grades against these subjects in both the term ending exams.
We consider each of our children precious.
The class routine according to the new timing will be followed from Sunday (August 22, 2021).